Got pain ?

Got pain ? At a retired powerlifter and mother of a toddler ( who I still carry all the time ) my wrist and lower back has some bad days . What’s with the bracelets? There have titanium in them , they help with. Neutralizing your body help oxygen uptake and a natural painkiller . I got mine for $15 at sports authority . #titanium #nopain


Here is your exercise of the week to try ….

Yes you can do it , it is not as hard as it looks . Place a pad under your elbow so it doesn’t get sore , make a straight line with your body ( knees , ankles , shoulders are stacked ) pull belly button in towards your spine and row with and Handel grip attached to a cable pulley . Make sure to stay balanced , with your core tight , when you pull into the row be sure you are retracting your shoulder bland .

This ex cerise is a compound movement that is great for core and upper body strength . Enjoy !


It’s my birthday! Workout

Start with 20 mins of cardio , your choice.
Then grab a foam roller and roll out you legs and back for ten mins.
Take the next ten mins to stretch in this order:
Butterfly stretch with nose to the toes
Stratal stretch touch one toe then the other.
Stratal stretch reach down the middle .
Your splits.
Pigeon .
Child’s pose.
Hold each stretch for 30 seconds

Finish with single arm row.
Transverse rotation .
Weighted squats.
Back extensions.
Situps .
2 fast and furious sets!

Tah dah! Your done!