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Chondra diagnosed herself with Cushings disease and chose Dr. U , neurosurgeon at UCSD hospital to remove her pituitary tumor. With lab work and MRI in hand , Chondra met Dr. U and made plans for surgery , as well as the planning the time needed for recovery. Dr . U told Chondra ” just do what you can” , this was great news for Chondra, the prime example of A type personality. Dr. U told her this because after a successful surgery cushings patients experience a crash of cortisol , and feel terrible, they experience more pain , ache , discomfort then they ever have their entire life. In time their cortisol will recover to normal levels ( between 7 and 30).
Chondra pushed and received formal diagnosis from an endocrinologist with in six week , and surgery 5 weeks later. Chondra had surgery at UCSD hospital April 4 2012. This is unheard of because on average it takes Cushings Disease patients 10 years to get a formal diagnosis, then they have to fight ( more often then not ) to get approval for their surgery.
Knowledge is power. Chondra works everyday to give people knowledge and tools, to live and to live well.

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Aol – March 19 2013
January 19 2013
January 18 2013
Nashville new January 17 2013
October 18 2012

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