On our travels …..

We just arrived home from a beautiful, relaxing, fun trip to northern California . Was such a beautiful , lust, green , alive place to be . My peas enjoyed it completely as well as myself. I wanted to share with you something that truly surprised me when we where heading home on our ten hours straight home . We stopped at a truck stop to refuel and use the restrooms, and the first thing I saw when I walked in the door was a stand full of CD’s about meditation, relaxation , chi running and health . I was so pleasantly surprised. Chi running , a method developed to allow everyone to be capable to run for the long term was a method of running I decided to train in when I got pregnant with my son , it allowed me to continue running till I was 5 months pregnant! But I never would expect to find that method being available in a truck stop in the middle of no where land. Amazing! I’m grateful to see what this would is coming to in the aspects of health and wellness.

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