Very excited to be speaking at ucsd September 16 & 17 th

I’m grateful and excited for the opportunity to be speaking during rounds at ucsd hospital , both the hill rest and la jolla hospitals . I get to sit in a room full of about 60 doctors and tell them a play by play of my story , my symptoms and they get to ask questions much like a doctors appointment . At the end of my talk the new doctors get the opportunity to come up with a diagnosis , followed up by a brief slide show presentation performed by their primary instructor about Cushings Disease . My goal at these talks is to help these doctors get a real life understanding of the disease , a picture , a face , a body they can associate the disease with and never ever forget it . Therefor they will , I hope, never miss it if one day it walks into their office .

I’m grateful to the doctors , students , and faculty at UCSD . Not only for giving me back my health but giving me the opportunity to help others .


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