Got pain ?

Got pain ? At a retired powerlifter and mother of a toddler ( who I still carry all the time ) my wrist and lower back has some bad days . What’s with the bracelets? There have titanium in them , they help with. Neutralizing your body help oxygen uptake and a natural painkiller . I got mine for $15 at sports authority . #titanium #nopain


Here is your exercise of the week to try ….

Yes you can do it , it is not as hard as it looks . Place a pad under your elbow so it doesn’t get sore , make a straight line with your body ( knees , ankles , shoulders are stacked ) pull belly button in towards your spine and row with and Handel grip attached to a cable pulley . Make sure to stay balanced , with your core tight , when you pull into the row be sure you are retracting your shoulder bland .

This ex cerise is a compound movement that is great for core and upper body strength . Enjoy !


6 week – Fast Track To Health


6week Fast Track To Health 

Saturdays @12 noon till 1pm

Oceanside Ca 92054

Class #1 Goal Setting 2014

– Calories In – Calories out – Measurments

Class #2 Workout Program

– Workout Structure – Demo of exercises – Workout Plan

Class #3 Cardio Program

-Cardio Goals – What kind of cardio is best for you – Cardio Workout Plan – Heart Rate Zones

Class #4 Supplement or not to supplement that is the question?

-What supplements should you or should you NOT take – Do you need supplements – this is very specific to the participants attending .

Class#5 Stretch Program

-Review to appropriate stretching form for You – Stretch Program – Stretching Plan

Class #6 Open Q&A – Final Measurment – Plan Forward

Program spaces limited

$500 for 6 weeks Program

participants receive a free notebook to track their progress and take notes.

Please call 76061294582 to enroll or with any questions


Very excited to be speaking at ucsd September 16 & 17 th

I’m grateful and excited for the opportunity to be speaking during rounds at ucsd hospital , both the hill rest and la jolla hospitals . I get to sit in a room full of about 60 doctors and tell them a play by play of my story , my symptoms and they get to ask questions much like a doctors appointment . At the end of my talk the new doctors get the opportunity to come up with a diagnosis , followed up by a brief slide show presentation performed by their primary instructor about Cushings Disease . My goal at these talks is to help these doctors get a real life understanding of the disease , a picture , a face , a body they can associate the disease with and never ever forget it . Therefor they will , I hope, never miss it if one day it walks into their office .

I’m grateful to the doctors , students , and faculty at UCSD . Not only for giving me back my health but giving me the opportunity to help others .


On our travels …..

We just arrived home from a beautiful, relaxing, fun trip to northern California . Was such a beautiful , lust, green , alive place to be . My peas enjoyed it completely as well as myself. I wanted to share with you something that truly surprised me when we where heading home on our ten hours straight home . We stopped at a truck stop to refuel and use the restrooms, and the first thing I saw when I walked in the door was a stand full of CD’s about meditation, relaxation , chi running and health . I was so pleasantly surprised. Chi running , a method developed to allow everyone to be capable to run for the long term was a method of running I decided to train in when I got pregnant with my son , it allowed me to continue running till I was 5 months pregnant! But I never would expect to find that method being available in a truck stop in the middle of no where land. Amazing! I’m grateful to see what this would is coming to in the aspects of health and wellness.